Using META for Providers

Meta Overview

What is META?

META provides online therapy via mobile phone, tablet and desktop platforms. Using the free iPhone and Android app, students can sign up, search for and connect instantly with therapists for chat, video, or phone therapy sessions — confidentially, anywhere.

What makes META different from its competitors?

META is the only platform developed to specifically meet the needs of therapists, directly connecting you with the students who need you most.

Our users do not pay a flat subscription like our competitors. They pay their therapist directly. Providers keep 100% of all their session fees. 

Setting Up Your Profile

Who can set up a META profile?

Only licensed therapists can set up a META profile and join the META directory. We do not accept interns or therapists with limited licensure.

As long as you have a valid, active license issued by a state board and are able to practice independently, you are welcome on META.

How long will it take to set up my META profile?
The profile set-up process can typically be completed in 10 to 15 minutes. You will be asked to provide a photo, areas of specialty, personal bio, practice and license information, and an optional video introduction. Once you have set up your profile, your credentials will be verified within 2-3 business days pending review with respective state licensing boards. Upon verification of credentials, you will be notified and can start using Meta immediately.
Can I copy and paste my profile information from another source?
Yes. You can copy your information from a Word doc or another source so long as you have permission to do so. We strongly recommend that you thoroughly review your profile to verify that it accurately represents you and your practice to Meta’s audience. Does your practice information properly convey your services, core values, and specialties? Consider checking out our Best Practices blog entries for tips on uploading your profile photo, video, and description.
Why do I need to upload a photo ID?
Verifying the identity of a therapist is an essential step in our verification process. We require all therapists to upload a government issued photo ID.
Why won’t my photo upload?
Photo upload failures can can happen for multiple reasons. Be sure you have required bandwidth to upload your profile picture file, and that it complies with Meta’s format and size specifications.  Consider checking out our Best Practices blog entries for tips on uploading your profile picture, video, and description.
Why won’t my video upload?
Video upload failures can happen for multiple reasons. Be sure you have required bandwidth to upload your video file, and that it complies with Meta’s format and size specifications.  Consider checking out our Best Practices blog entries for tips on uploading your profile picture, video, and description.
My license title is not listed. What should I do?
Meta’s platform is designed for those holding a license that allows for mental health facilitation in a private practice setting. If your license title is not listed, and you are permitted to provide independent practice in the state you selected, please contact Meta support.
My specialty is not on the offered list. What should I do?
Meta lists the most common and relevant issues to its client market: college students. In the event that you are not able to find a listed specialty that encompasses your work, please contact Meta support.
I don’t have an NPI number. Can I still set up my profile?
Yes. NPI numbers are not required for Meta.
I am not ready to publish my profile. Can I save it and work on it later?
Yes. You can edit or add to your profile at any time. Keep in mind that the more complete your profile is, the better you will serve your potential clients.
My profile was not approved. Now what?
If for some reason your license and other identifying information cannot be verified by Meta, a support representative will contact you directly to clarify what additional information may be needed.

How to Use Meta

What do I need to access Meta?
The Meta platform can be accessed through a computer, tablet, or phone connected to the internet and a webcam. To ensure the highest quality interaction with your clients, we recommend you use a modern laptop/desktop that’s equipped with a good microphone and webcam, and ensure your internet upload and download speeds are consistent with the standards of two-way streaming video.
How does my profile appear to potential clients?
Once logged into the app, students can search therapist profiles based on specialty and insurance carrier. Their results are sorted by location and/or specialty. For a more detailed look, check out the Student App navigation video.
How do potential clients contact me to initiate a consultation or therapy?
While you are online, potential clients can reach you via instant message to initiate a phone or video call for a free consultation. While offline, potential clients can leave you a message to ask questions or schedule a consultation.
How can I reach a client outside of the Meta platform?
The Meta platform is a HIPAA compliant, full communication suite — including messaging, voice and video calling. If you need to contact a client outside the platform, please follow your procedures in compliance with your HIPAA privacy practices.
Are there specific times I have to be logged on to the Meta platform?
No. You can be on Meta whenever you choose. Setting your status to “Online” increases your chances of being contacted by a potential new client. Bearing in mind students’ varying schedules (late-night studying, early-morning cramming), you may find advantages to being online during nontraditional hours.
Is there a limit to how many clients I can have?
No. You can see as many or as few clients as you choose. We recommend you consider your professional ethical guidelines as you build your practice.
What is the best way to use Meta?
To take full advantage of Meta, set your profile as “Online” when you’re not in session with clients and during non-clinical hours when you can speak to new clients. When you’re online, there’s a higher chance for a potential client to contact you.

Client Billing

How much does Meta cost my clients?
The Meta app is free to use, so clients only pay what a given therapist charges for services.
How are client payments processed?
As part of the set-up process, you are required to establish an account with Meta’s payment processor. Upon completion of a session, you can charge your client within the Meta platform and have the amount deposited directly into your bank account.
How do insurance claims and co-pays work?
The same way they work outside of Meta. As a therapist, you are granted access to your client’s insurance and co-pay information, which is required of clients during account set-up. Thereafter, you can process a co-pay as a standard payment.
I don’t accept insurance. Can I still charge clients through the Meta platform?
Yes. You do not need to accept insurance to use the Meta platform. To appeal to a broader base of clients, consider becoming empaneled with at least one insurance carrier.

Technical Support

If I’m having issues while using the platform, where can I get support?
Meta has a support center you can call if you encounter any issues. They can be reached at 833-844-META from 8am (CST) to 5pm (CST) Monday through Friday.
What happens if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, you can click the Forgot My Password button which will direct you to the Reset Password form. Click the verification email and change your password to regain access to your profile. Be sure to add “support@meta.app” to your address book to ensure delivery of Meta emails. If you do not see the password reset email in your inbox, check your SPAM/Junk Mail folder. If you continue to experience issues in resetting your password, please contact us at 833-844-META or support@meta.app.
How do I block or report a client?
If you wish to report a client, click the “Report” button, provide a reason for why you want to report the client (avoid any information that may break HIPAA’s client-therapist confidentiality), and your message will be sent to the Support team. Note: After you report a client, their profile will no longer be visible to you. Please consider this feature carefully as you will no longer see his/her profile and information, and consult your regulatory board for laws that may affect your decision (i.e. abandonment).
How do I send my Privacy Practices and Informed Consent documents to my client?
After an initial consultation with a potential client, you can send documents directly to the client by clicking the XXXX button. These documents will appear as an action item for the client to read, acknowledge, and accept. Copies of accepted documents will be available to the client in his/her profile, and to you within your Account Settings portal.
What if I want to delete my profile?
You may delete your profile at any time by selecting “Deactivate Profile” in the Account Settings menu. Note: It is imperative that you export all of your client information from the platform before deleting your profile. Once your profile is deleted you will no longer have access to this information. Consult your regulatory board for laws that may affect your decision (i.e., abandonment).


How secure is the Meta platform?
All information is completely secure in accordance with HIPAA and HITRUST regulations. For details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
How does Meta use patient/client data?
Meta secures patient/client data in accordance with HIPAA and HITRUST regulations. For details, please review our Privacy Policy to learn more.
What happens to my data if I delete my Meta profile?
If you choose to delete your Meta profile, the system will prevent all future access to your profile. Before deleting your profile, you will need export your patient/client data in accordance with your license and state requirements. If you need assistance in exporting this data, please contact our concierge team via support@meta.app.
What happens to my clients’ data if I delete my Meta profile?
Patient/client data that was recorded via the Meta platform will remain in the system in accordance with HIPPA requirements. If you need access to this data please contact our concierge team via support@meta.app.