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Help your students succeed

1 in 4 college-aged students have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

Give them the support they need

Improve student retention

According to NAMI, 64 percent of students who drop out cite mental health-related issues for their reason

Of those students, 50 percent did not have access to mental health services.

Treating 100 depressed students can avert 6 potential dropouts, saving an average of $240,000 in tuition fees.*

$16.5 BILLION = Annual cost of attrition to US colleges and universities 


of students with anxiety and depression don't seek treatment


of students feel so depressed that it's difficult to function


of college students experience a significant mental health issue

Choose a solution that works

The stigma surrounding mental illness deters many college students from seeking help.

Meta allows students to receive help from the privacy of their phone on a schedule that works for them.

Top reasons why students chose to not disclose mental health condition(s) to their college.

  • Privacy Concerns
  • Confidentiality
  • Did not want college/faculty to find out
  • Did not want friends to find out
  • Other

Source: Meta Student Surveys

Meta Can Help

Meta connects students to a marketplace of licensed mental health providers for confidential and real-time chat, audio and video counseling from the privacy of their phone.

Meta on Deck provides timely services to colleges experiencing a “mental health emergency” such as death or traumatic event on campus.

Meta Works

Provides colleges mental health services without adding staff or space

Provides students immediate access to highly qualified, screened, licensed mental health practitioners

Meta is on a robust, secure, reliable HIPPA compliant platform that meets PCI compliance and uses SSL (TLS1.2) data encryption

It’s a win-win


  • Mobilize without technology impediments or investments
  • Leverage the Meta marketplace – no liability or confusion about FERPA or HIPPA
  • Provide mental health services without adding staff or space

  • Immediate access to highly qualified, screened, licensed mental health practitioners
  • Private, confidential environment via mobile device – providing immediacy and choice
  • Insurance and co-pay or self-pay options

The help your students need is just a few taps away.


Available for iOS/Android. After downloading, students complete the same paperwork they would at a live office.


Students filter by specialty and review qualified providers by watching bio videos and connecting via phone or chat.


Students receive counseling when and where they want — maintaining their privacy and working around their schedules.

Partner with Meta and help your students realize how easy it is for them to seek help.

Fill out the form below or call us at (844) 833-META to receive additional information from a Meta representative.

*Source: Data from the Healthy Minds Network: The Economic Case for Student Health Services(via Kognito white paper)