Adler Graduate School Offering Online Mental Health Counseling Services to Students through META Teletherapy

BUFFALO GROVE, IL – Adler Graduate School, a non-profit educational institution located in Minnesota, which offers global online and in-person graduate degrees in counseling and leadership, is offering online counseling services to students through a partnership with META Teletherapy, the leading mental health platform for schools. META connects Adler students to a nationwide network of licensed and vetted mental health providers, including counselors, therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Students pay per session using their insurance or pay out-of-pocket.

“We are a nonprofit private graduate school that values community health and self-care. Finding a mental health resource to meet the self-care needs of our national student body was a strategic initiative for our college,” said Adler’s president Dr. Jeffrey Allen. “With META’s network of licensed counselors and the freedom to choose your own provider, we’re able to offer students the support they need.”

Students download the META app, choose a counselor, and receive chat, video, or voice counseling through the privacy and convenience of their smartphones. The app presents available online counselors for immediate connection, or students can leave a chat or voice message to schedule a future session. META enables students to filter providers by a variety of characteristics, such as gender, therapy style, and language, so that students can choose a provider they feel comfortable working with.

On top of the common stress over earning an advanced degree, mental health issues are on the rise resulting from anxiety over the coronavirus pandemic. Sessions on META’s platform have increased nearly 600% since the start of the pandemic due to social distancing necessitating teletherapy and an increase in stress and anxiety from prolonged isolation.

By partnering with META, Adler receives a robust mental health program, complete with self-service content directed at students and an ongoing awareness campaign encouraging students to take care of their emotional and mental well-being.

About Adler Graduate School: Adler is a non-profit educational institution located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The programs include a Master of Arts Degree in Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy. The six areas of emphasis are Adlerian Studies, Marriage and Family Therapy, Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Licensed Professional Counseling/Licensed Professional Clinical Counseling), School Counseling, Co-Occurring Disorders, and Art Therapy. For more information, visit alfredadler.edu