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Improve student lives.

META Teletherapy engages, supports, and retains your students by connecting them to a diverse, national network of licensed mental health professionals.

Why Choose META Teletherapy?

Help Students Reach Graduation

Support positive outcomes.

Mental health supports students when needed to improve engagement, retention, and ultimately graduation.

Remote Counselors Support On-Campus Counselors

Fill in counseling gaps.

Address surges in demand and give your counseling center more support to avoid staff burnout.

META reports help predict student needs

Gain analytical insight.

Receive monthly reports to help predict student needs, track outcomes, and gauge impact.

META reports help predict student needs

Hassle-free marketing.

META Teletherapy runs year-round marketing to raise mental health awareness and onboard students.

How META Teletherapy Helps

META Teletherapy addresses the problems schools face.

“…limited budget.”

META Teletherapy costs less than hiring a single part-time employee. Additionally, our reporting helps prove a return on investment by retaining students.

“…students from all walks of life.”

Students filter providers by gender, language, ethnicity, and more to find counselor who can help them.

“…lack of time & staff resources.”

META Teletherapy scales your existing student support services without requiring any additional investments in technology or staff.

“…long response times.”

META Teletherapy shortens response times from days to hours. Students can get help at times that work for them.

META Teletherapy is Trusted at 50+ Campuses

Midwestern Higher Education Compact

Public and private non-profit institutions nationwide qualify for a META contract through MHEC’s agreement.

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