This app is not for emergency purposes - if you are in a crisis, call 911 immediately.

The help you want, the privacy you need

Life can be difficult. Getting counseling shouldn’t be.

That’s where META Teletherapy comes in.

Choose your counselor. Connect whenever and wherever works for you, from the privacy of your phone. With META Teletherapy you’re in control.

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Why META Teletherapy?


Marketplace of available, licensed therapists


Completely private and confidential


Most insurances accepted (or pay out-of-pocket)


Choose your own provider for chat, video, or voice sessions


Database of licensed therapists


Completely private and confidential


Most insurances accepted (or pay out-of-pocket)


Chat, video or voice call

How it Works

Get The App

Download the app and setup a profile.

Choose a Therapist

Browse the dirctory to find a therapist.

Start a dialogue

Connect with therapist over chat, video or voice call.

What users have to say about META Teletherapy

“Sometimes I can’t always see my therapist face-to-face due to busy or conflicting schedules and META allows me quick, easy access to my therapist when I need it the most! I don’t know what I did before downloading the META app.”

– Katie, 22

“I think META is helpful because it allows me to connect to therapists through my phone and I don’t need to be nervous about making an appointment. It has made me feel more comfortable knowing I have access directly from my phone.”

– Terry, 24

“I love the idea of having someone to talk to at all times because not everyone can fit therapy into their schedule. It also is a way for people who might be scared of therapy to get used to how it works and feel more comfortable in their own home.”

– Nicolette, 19

Our counselors know what you’re going through.

Stress, Anxiety, Panic

For help with general worry, distress, coping skills, immigration, social distress, public speaking issues, panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety, etc.


For help with feelings of sadness, lack of motivation, times of extreme sadness mixed with times of extreme happiness and energy, thoughts of suicide*, self-harm*, etc.

Gender & Sexuality

For help with concerns specific to LGBTQI+, sexuality and or gender fluidity, transition support, etc.


For help with concerns specific to veteran’s health, wellbeing, PTSD, etc.


For help with past, recent, and or ongoing; abuse, violence, trauma, PTSD, etc.

Substance Abuse

For help with excessive use and or issues related to substances, medication, alcohol, etc.

* META is not for emergency purposes. If you are experiencing a crisis, call 911 immediately

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