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Ranger College Supporting Student Mental Health Through META

Ranger College Supporting Student Mental Health through META Ranger College, a top-ranked public community college in Texas, is the latest institution to partner with META to provide online counseling services to students. Ranger College is a fast-growing institution...

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Funds to Increase Mental Health Providers in Schools

Colleges and Universities Can Expand Mental Health Services Through $280M in Additional Funding of Two New Federal Grants The Department of Education is inviting applicants for two grant programs to increase access to mental health services through the Bipartisan...

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The Heico Companies Sponsoring META for Employee Wellness

The Heico Companies Sponsoring META for Employee WellnessThe Heico Companies, L.L.C. (“Heico”) is the latest employer to sponsor META Teletherapy. Heico is a family-owned, women-owned, parent holding company, with business units located throughout the United States...

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Why META Is Successful and Mental Health Apps are Failing

Is your mental health platform acting ethically? Multiple mental health application platforms including Betterhelp, Cerebral, and Talkspace have recently come under scrutiny for unethical and deceptive practices. META is the only marketplace-based platform to avoid...

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ED Extends HEERF Grants for Student Mental Health Services

Grants Available to Pay for Campus Mental Health ServicesMETA Teletherapy provides the best possible mental wellness care for your college students. Our platform provides access to Licensed Mental Health Providers who: accept new patients respond in less than 6 hours...

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META Teletherapy Extends Mental Wellness Offering to Employers

META Teletherapy Extends Mental Wellness Offering to EmployersMeeting the demand for additional wellness benefits for today's workforceBuffalo Grove, Ill  — META today announced it is making its highly successful teletherapy platform available as a voluntary employee...

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School Presentation:

Academic & Financial Stress

Presented by META Teletherapy & Marquita Myrick

  • March 10, 2023

Marquita is an award-winning Licensed Professional Counselor and Women's Empowerment Coach. She holds a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology and has extensive experience working on college campuses. Learn more about Marquita.

 The event covers... 

  • Signs and Symptoms of Stress
  • Common Causes of Stress including Financial and Academic Pressures
  • An Extensive Workshop on How to Manage and Cope with Stress


HEERF Grants for Mental Health Services

Presented by META Teletherapy

  • Wednesday, Feb 8th 11 am CST

The Education Department has urged colleges to use HEERF grants to provide mental health services to students. 

The META app can provide <<Company>> students access to licensed counselors. Students can access a counselor of their choice at their convenience and the session costs are covered by your remaining HEERF grants. 

Don't let your HEERF grants expire!

The deadline to use HEERF grants is June 30, 2023Avoid returning unused funding by committing them to META. We will bank your HEERF funds into a student support account to cover sessions with providers beyond the June 30th deadline.

Register for the webinar to join and learn more!