META Teletherapy Extends Mental Wellness Offering to Employers

Meeting the demand for additional wellness benefits for today’s workforce

Buffalo Grove, Ill  — META today announced it is making its highly successful teletherapy platform available as a voluntary employee benefit nationwide. The platform, which saw tremendous engagement in traditional and adult student populations in colleges and universities during its first two years expects to have success with employers who are struggling with providing affordable access to their employees but are faced with highly expensive services.

Employees today complain that while they have insurance coverage for mental health, providers are not accepting new clients, and the wait times are well over 48 days to get an appointment. A hidden problem is that covered dependents and family members suffer due to the same lack of access. META solves this problem where all its providers accept new clients and insurance plans. META has licensed mental health counselors available on its platform nationally and spent the last two years building one of the most diverse group of providers, with multiple ethnicities, languages, religious and therapy-styles. The company is focusing its initial employer launch in Midwest, Western and Southern US states.
“Our business model is truly simple and disrupts the large teletherapy companies,” says CEO, Balaji “Raj” Rajan.  “We designed it so our users choose the provider they like; our providers keep 100 percent of their earnings; and the employer just covers the cost of the platform with a low annual subscription. It puts control in the hands of the employee.”

“Employee Assistance Programs, (EAP), and services that provide AI-based matching, text-based coaching and so on all have a place in delivering mental wellness. But there is no substitute for a trained professional, who is available and affordable for you or your family member” he added.

META will work closely with a distribution network comprising of the nation’s large insurance brokerage firms. True to its mission to create access, META will focus on rural and remote area employers and bring care to American employees.

With adoption at over 170 U.S. campuses and affiliations with major organizations such as the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and the Kresge Foundation, META has demonstrated its ability to scale to meet today’s demand for providers.

Additional Information
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