Company-Sponsored Benefits Have Direct Impact on Improving Employee Mental Health

A recent survey of over 14,000 employees conducted by Mercer found that employees who feel emotionally supported by their employers are more resilient and less likely to leave their company as a result.

The findings from the survey reinforce the connection between strong employee health and business success.

The survey provided several recommendations for how company-sponsored benefits can support the well-being of employees:

Provide a Variety of Benefits

Companies improve the relationship with their employees by providing varied and valued benefits.

  • 55% of employees valued a benefits package customized to their individual needs
  • 52% of employees who are offered 10 or more health and well-being resources said those benefits are a reason to stay with their company, compared to 32% of employees who are offered 1-5 resources
  • Employees receiving 10 or more well-being resources are more likely to agree that their employer cares about their health and well-being

Include Digital Health Solutions

1 in 5 employees used telemedicine for the first time during the pandemic and 72% of employees intend to continue using tele-options.

The pandemic has improved the digital adoption of physical and mental health apps by normalizing a remote option to receive care.

Even if employees prefer to see a provider in-person, having a remote option to connect has become expected.

Address Inequality in Healthcare Access

A fifth of employees reported they’re financially worse off than before the pandemic. That financial strain has caused more stress and anxiety, which means the people most in need of mental health counseling are less likely to be able to afford it.

Survey respondents in high-income households reported having better access to benefits through their employers and more confidence they can afford the healthcare their family needs.

Employees can address this inequality and other access issues by offering a solution like META, which expands the number of providers who accept insurance and offer sliding-scale fees for individuals in financial need.

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