Is your mental health platform acting ethically? 

Multiple mental health application platforms including Betterhelp, Cerebral, and Talkspace have recently come under scrutiny for unethical and deceptive practices.

META is the only marketplace-based platform to avoid these types of issues while providing simple connections to providers. Some of the allegations against other platforms include:

1. Creating “Phantom” Networks

The National Association of Social Workers has filed formal complaints with the FTC against Betterhelp for hosting provider profiles on CareDash.com without the providers’ knowledge or permission. Many providers listed on CareDash.com are not real, are not accepting patients, or are no longer practicing.1

META’s Marketplace Has Only Real Licensed Providers

All providers on META have been vetted by a real person and are accepting new clients. We do not “farm” public profiles and post them on our site.

2. Taking Advantage of their Providers

Forbes broke a story last December calling out online therapy platforms such as Cerebral for demanding unreasonable quotas, giving providers no say in which clients they see, and taking enormous commissions from their licensed providers. Providers on platforms like Cerebral and Talkspace often only receive 30% of their billable hours.2

META Providers Keep 100% of Payments; No Quotas

META does not profit from its providers. META does not require minimum hours from providers either. Because all providers are real, response time to user messages is measured in hours, not days.

3. Accusations of Selling User Data

US Senators Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Ron Wyden have called for investigations against Betterhelp and Talkspace for ethics violations for sharing private user information and activity data.3

META Does NOT Share Private Data

User data is kept confidential and secured. META does not share data with third parties. Given the personal nature of mental health care, we always respect the privacy of both our users and our providers.

META's Success is Based On

META stands out among mental health apps for its marketplace solution that easily connects users to providers.


META works with schools and businesses to give students and employees access to real, available providers of their choice. Connect with META’s team at sales@meta.app to learn why META is the best choice for your people’s mental well-being.