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It’s okay to be angry. 

But if you can’t control your anger, META can help.

There’s a lot to be upset about, and processing your feelings to understand why you’re so upset is where we come in. Connect to a counselor familiar with the struggles of college students in just minutes using the META mobile app. 

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However you’re feeling – META can help


Traumatic events in our past can often bubble up in our day-to-day and cause unexpected emotional outbursts. Learn how to cope with past traumas.

Aggression & Outbursts

If you’ve ever “lost your cool” in the heat of an argument or other conflict, then counseling can help. Learn ways to control your temper.

Social Unrest

The world is an unfair place with minority groups receiving the majority of the injustice. Don’t let those feelings fester – talk to a counselor for actions you can take to enact change.

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