This app is not for emergency purposes - if you are in a crisis, call 911 immediately.

Sorry you’re not feeling like yourself.

A counselor on META can help you feel better.

When you’re spiraling into depression, it can feel impossible to do even the smallest task. That’s why we made it easy to connect to a counselor on META. Search for a counselor you like and connect for a video, chat, or phone session in just minutes. 

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However you’re feeling – META can help


For help with feelings of sadness, lack of motivation, times of extreme sadness mixed with times of extreme happiness and energy, thoughts of suicide*, self-harm*, etc.

Bipolar Disorder

For help, if you’re having mood episodes ranging from extreme highs to depressive lows. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder

For help with periods of major depression that may occur during the winter months when the days grow short and you miss out on sunlight and pleasurable activities.

* META is not for emergency purposes. If you are experiencing a crisis, call 911 immediately

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