Improve student success in school and after graduation

META connects counselors to students through a secure online platform for private counseling


What is META?

META is an online wellness platform for students to connect to school counselors and META providers for private and secure counseling.

What is META?

META is an online wellness platform for school counselors and students to connect for private and secure counseling.

How do students get META?

Students connect using the META mobile app available an Apple or Android devices.

How does META work for students?

Students download the app, create an account, and connect to school counselors via video, voice, and chat.

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Why Choose META for Your Institution

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Under Six Hour Response Time

Providers and students connect in under six hours, more counselors respond within the hour

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4.9/5.0 Student Rating

META providers are rated by students, and 5/5 is the most common rating.

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Augment Existing Services

META includes school counseling staff and META providers so students never need to wait

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Diverse National Network

Students can choose providers based on ethnicity, language, faith, therapy style, and more.

Student and Counselor Personal Information is Protected at All Times

HIPAA Compliant

The “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act” ensures all personal health information is only accessible to the student and counselor.

COPPA Compliant

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act ensures parental consent is gathered appropriately and verified to protect minors.

SOPPA Compliant

The Student Online Personal Protection Act applies specifically to protecting the information of K-12 students. We do not share any user information with third-parties.

META Support is Available by Phone or Email to help