Northland Pioneer College Providing Online Mental Health Counseling to Students through META Teletherapy

META Student Teletherapy provides students with confidential and easy access to a marketplace of mental wellness providers. Northland Pioneer College (NPC), an Arizona public community college, has become the latest institution of higher learning to offer META Teletherapy to students.

NPC students at their four campuses and five center locations across Navajo and Apache counties will have free access to META’s mobile app. NPC students can connect to a national network of licensed counselors and therapists for chat, voice, and video sessions. Students download the app, choose a provider, and receive counseling through the privacy and convenience of their smart phones. The platform provides students the freedom to choose a therapist who’s a good fit, and the ability to reach them quickly and easily.

NPC will cover counseling costs for a limited number of student teletherapy sessions. Providers also accept insurance and out-of-pocket payments with a credit card.
Since the national pandemic, student engagement on META has increased dramatically. Providers on META’s marketplace are available days, evenings, and weekends all year long to fit a flexible student schedule.

About Northland Pioneer College: NPC is located in the heart of the Southwest, where the Colorado Plateau meets the White Mountains of northeastern Arizona. The lake-studded mountains provide ample opportunity for outdoor recreation, and the desert mesas feature wide-open, tranquil landscapes. Northland Pioneer College offers classes at four campuses and five center locations across Navajo and Apache counties. Our service area includes the tribal homelands of the Navajo, Hopi, and Apache peoples. NPC is a two-year, HLC accredited public community college, serving about 5,000 students annually in a wide range of courses and programs.