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META teletherapy is the nation’s leading digital mental wellness platform for schools.


What is META?

META is an online wellness platform built specifically for students to connect with counselors for private and secure counseling via mobile platform.

Our Mission

META’s mission is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health by offering users an easy way to receive counseling without having to visit a physical location.

We believe:

  • Quick, easy, and confidential access to mental health support is essential to an student’s well-being
  • Students deserve a wellness solution that is safe, tech enabled, and that eliminates stigma
  • Above all, students, regardless of race, gender, beliefs, sexual orientation, or economic background, should have immediate and affordable access to a counselor

META launched in 2018 to address the college student mental health crisis and recently expanded to K-12 schools.

We noticed a need for better access to mental health resources for students. The stigma of seeing a therapist and a lack of qualified, available counselors were blocking students from getting help.

How does META work for schools?

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META provides easy and secure access to counselors available on-demand via voice, video, and chat.

META Partners with Institutions

Counselors Sign Up Online

Students Download Free Mobile App

META is built for online therapy; video calling platforms are not

Schools have turned to platforms like Zoom for remote learning and that works great for group calls.

But therapy is a private, one-on-one experience. We offer a comprehensive mental health platform. All student-counselor interactions are done within the platform, including first-time connections, scheduling, and counseling.

Computer Video Chat

Student Engagement





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HIPAA & FERPA compliant reports showing student usage and activity

Online payments accepted

  • Insurance co-pay

  • Out-of-Pocket

  • Credit Card

  • No charge to K-12 students

We do not share data with third-party advertisers

META Providers–online network shows available providers for on-demand counseling

Other Video Services

(Zoom, Skype, Webex, etc.)


None or limited

Most do not accept online payments

Web pages track 200+ cookies to share with third-party advertisers

Only contacts to users are shown

K-12 Schools

We recently began partnering with K-12 schools to provide an online platform for counselors to easily and securely connect to students.

Computer Video Chat HS

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused schools to move to remote learning, and counselors, social workers, and school psychologists need a private way to talk to their students.

Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom are wonderful for teachers to host virtual lessons for students, but gaps in security make them a poor choice for one-on-one counseling.

META gives students a way to see when counselors are available and allows them to send secure chat messages without having to exchange email addresses or cell phone numbers.

The platform also complies with HIPAA, COPPA, and SOPPA(IL) regulations so the privacy of children under 18 is accounted for.

Colleges & Universities

We partner with colleges and universities to improve mental wellness of their students and provide support to their current staff.

The American College Health Association’s 2018 Annual Survey found that:

  • Students experience debilitating anxiety 60% 60%
  • Students are too depressed to go to class or hang out with friends 40% 40%
  • Students felt hopeless in the last year 55% 55%



of students seek help at campus counseling services.

META can supplement existing on-campus counseling services or act as the sole method for student mental health counseling.


Mental health issues have dramatically escalated in the last 10 years, especially among college students.

2019 survey of college presidents found:


believe student mental health issues are more of a priority than three years ago.


are in need of additional services for their students.

What institutions and students are saying about META

"META is a strong support with access to providers specializing in all areas of mental health and flexible scheduling options, it seemed like a perfect fit for those in need.”

– Belinda Keiser, Vice Chancellor of Community Relations and Student Advancement

"Very thankful for the META app. I tried to schedule an appointment with my school's counselors but I had to wait 3 weeks. [With META] I got immediate access to a credible therapist what was available for counseling."

– Student on META

“Sponsoring META throughout our campuses will create an impactful and user-friendly experience for our students and their various mental health needs.”

– Michael Zawisky, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ancora Education

"This app is exactly what I needed. Therapy was never something I had time for, but through video sessions I can get the help I need even with my busy schedule.""

– Student on META

“The META mental wellness program allows students to choose their own counselor and avoid the stigma of anyone knowing they’re in therapy. META’s positive messaging inspires students to consider their emotional health.”

– John K. Pierre, Chancellor of Southern University Law Center

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