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META Providers–online network shows available providers for on-demand counseling

Other Video Services

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Most do not accept online payments

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Only contacts to users are shown

Praise from Students and Schools

"META is a strong support with access to providers specializing in all areas of mental health and flexible scheduling options, it seemed like a perfect fit for those in need.”

– Belinda Keiser, Vice Chancellor of Community Relations and Student Advancement

"Very thankful for the META app. I tried to schedule an appointment with my school's counselors but I had to wait 3 weeks. [With META] I got immediate access to a credible therapist what was available for counseling."

– Student on META

“Sponsoring META throughout our campuses will create an impactful and user-friendly experience for our students and their various mental health needs.”

– Michael Zawisky, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ancora Education

"This app is exactly what I needed. Therapy was never something I had time for, but through video sessions I can get the help I need even with my busy schedule.""

– Student on META

“The META mental wellness program allows students to choose their own counselor and avoid the stigma of anyone knowing they’re in therapy. META’s positive messaging inspires students to consider their emotional health.”

– John K. Pierre, Chancellor of Southern University Law Center

How META Works for Your Students

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We can onboard your current counseling staff or show our network of META providers

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Students receive counseling when and where they want — all on a private and secure platform

Students at schools with a counselor-to-student ratio of less than 1:250 have higher attendance rates and perform better academically.

Source: schoolcounselor.org

Three-day onboarding process

Expedited Implementation


Load authentication files of your counselors and students to access META


Launch META to students through email and social campaigns


Counseling begins with your students and the counselor of their choice

Partner with META to provide teletherapy services to your students in 3 days.

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