Ten Teletherapy Tips for First Time Users

Your first teletherapy session is often the most intimidating. We recommend requesting an initial 15-minute consultation with a provider of your choice before scheduling your first official session. A consultation will help you understand that to expect from a session and what type of therapy you may benefit from.

Expressing your feelings to a stranger can be an uncomfortable thought, even when that stranger is a licensed professional.

Hopefully, your free consultation makes you excited for your first session. Here are ten tips we recommend to help first-timers prepare for their initial teletherapy session:

  1. Choose a private space where you feel safe
  2. Sit comfortably in a space with ample lighting
  3. Have a fidget device: Fidgeting with a small object helps control your attention
  4. Have a notepad nearby to write down notes, suggestions, or homework from your counselor
  5. Ensure you have a strong internet connection
  6. Open the META app a few minutes before your appointment
  7. Mute other app notifications on your phone
  8. Consider using headphones to minimize distractions and increase privacy
  9. Wait for your counselor to call you to initiate your appointment
  10. Breathe! You can trust that all META counselors are licensed professionals

Whether you meet with your counselor again or how often you meet depends on what you’re going through and what the counselor recommends. Some people feel better after a single session and may never need to come back to META. Others may need to meet on a weekly basis until their condition improves. 

Most importantly, there’s no pressure. Hopefully, you find a counselor who can support you. The benefits of seeing a counselor can improve your entire life. We hope you give it atry.