Three Benefits of Outsourcing Teletherapy for Students at Colleges & Universities

Teletherapy. A small word with a big meaning… to this generation (and me). I attended college in 2014-2018 when teletherapy for students wasn’t an option. Being from a town of 15,000 people, heading to a University with an enrollment of more than 50,000 students was overwhelming. It was difficult to be an 18-year-old freshman lost in a school filled with endless opportunities.

In my freshman year, I decided to seek a counselor to help me through my insecurities and stress of navigating the exciting but hectic years that would lie ahead. After deciding therapy would be beneficial for me, I headed to the University’s counseling center. I remember so vividly…I first had to fill out my paperwork and endure an hour-long questionnaire on the computer. After completing the questionnaire, I went up to the front desk to schedule my first initial appointment. “Our next availability is in two weeks from today.” “TWO WEEKS?!” I thought. Yup, that’s right, the counseling centers were booked and couldn’t get me in for two weeks…

At the time I attended college, outsourcing teletherapy to students could’ve been the answer I was looking for, but unfortunately, teletherapy wasn’t available. Today, I see the reaping benefits of outsourcing teletherapy.

Listed below are the problems students face at university counseling centers, and how outsourcing Tele-therapy is the solution:

  • “Our next availability is in two weeks from today”
    The demand for therapy is greater than the supply. Colleges need to provide the correct resources in order for their retention rate to remain or grow. According to the Center for Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH), the average number of appointments has increased by 20% in the last year.
    • BENEFIT for COLLEGES — keep up with student demand
  • “It takes too long to get started.”
    It took me over an hour just to complete the paperwork before I could schedule a session. No more wait. Teletherapy is advanced technology. With META, everything is done from your mobile device. Skip the steps of making an initial appointment or waiting in line for your name to be called.
    • BENEFIT for COLLEGES — students can get help sooner
  • “18 year-olds need all of the guidance they can get.”
    Meeting the needs of your students should be a school’s #1 priority. When you choose META as your teletherapy, provider you are choosing therapists of many different specialties and backgrounds. This will give your students enough options for providers so they’ll find someone who suits their needs.
    • BENEFIT for COLLEGES — reach more students