Student Teletherapy Sessions Have Tripled on META since COVID-19

BUFFALO GROVE, IL – Colleges, universities, and K–12 schools have nearly completed their spring semesters remotely, having moved in-person classes to an online format in late March following the COVID-19 pandemic. The strain on administrators, teachers, families and students has been extreme and continues without firm plans for the fall semester.

The emotional strain placed on students is significant since they’ve lost the support structure provided by their school environments such as peer socializing, on-campus and local counselors, and extracurricular activities.

Large and small institutions across the US including Alabama State University, Southern University Law Center, Florida Technical College, Richland Community College, St. Charles Community College, and Barrington School District 220 are now on the META Teletherapy platform.

 “Our perspective on school being more than just an academic function has truly changed today,” said Raj Rajan, CEO of META. “Our need today is to ensure that students and families have quick, easy, affordable access to mental health resources while they continue to figure out the fall semester now.”

META is available in all 50 states and has partnered with higher education and K–12 institutions across 70+ campuses.

Since the start of the pandemic, engagement on META’s platform has doubled across key usage indicators – students searching for providers (251%), video and voice sessions (300%), and chat messages and sessions (180%). Providers on META have exceeded 22,000 hours of availability.

Whether or not in-person classes will resume in the fall is uncertain. Schools are implementing or expanding their mental health programs now in order to support students through the summer so students will be mentally prepared for 2020-2021 school year, whether they attend live or remote.

META’s single biggest advantage is that this platform can be deployed to students and faculty within just three days. And a school can use its own providers on the META Teletherapy platform at no additional cost.

About META: META is the nation’s first teletherapy platform built specifically for students. META offers near-real-time video counseling with licensed mental health professionals or school counselors from the privacy of an Android or Apple smartphone. META’s mission is to reduce the stigma and barriers surrounding mental health by offering students an easy way to receive secure counseling without the need for in-person sessions. The app is free to download, and programs can be launched at institutions within three days. Learn more at www.meta.app  

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