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ED Extends HEERF Grants for Student Mental Health Services

Grants Available to Pay for Campus Mental Health ServicesMETA Teletherapy provides the best possible mental wellness care for your college students. Our platform provides access to Licensed Mental Health Providers who: accept new patients respond in less than 6 hours...

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META Teletherapy Extends Mental Wellness Offering to Employers

META Teletherapy Extends Mental Wellness Offering to EmployersMeeting the demand for additional wellness benefits for today's workforceBuffalo Grove, Ill  — META today announced it is making its highly successful teletherapy platform available as a voluntary employee...

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Longy School of Music Launches Student Wellness Service

Longy School of Music of Bard College Partners with META Teletherapy to Provide Mental Wellness and Counseling Services to Students Longy School of Music of Bard College, a degree-granting conservatory in Cambridge, MA with an additional campus in Los Angeles, CA, is...

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  • Thursday, June 16th, 2 PM (CST)

META is now a Voluntary Benefit for Employers

The mental health crisis is only intensifying. Wait times to see a therapist is growing as more people seek counseling.

META Teletherapy has solved the problems with connecting to providers and the platform is available to employers as a voluntary benefit.

  • Benefits brokers can expand their offering by including META in company EAP or employee wellness programs. 

The platform has leading response times and access to available providers for users across the country.

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